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    Jesus calls the children dear,
    "Come to me and never fear,
    For I love the little children of the world;
    I will take you by the hand,
    Lead you to the better land,
    For I love the little children of the world.”


    Jesus loves the little children,
    All the children of the world.
    Red and yellow, black and white,
    All are precious in His sight,
    Jesus loves the little children of the world.

    Herbert Woolston

    Many of us grew up singing the above song during Sunday School or Vacation Bible School. Even today in the midst of wonderful praise music and enduring hymns, Jesus Loves the Little Children and Jesus Loves Me are tunes that simply connect our spirits to God's Spirit. These songs bond us to a God who loves and cares for life, especially the lives of children.  Indeed all the children of the world are precious in God's eyes.  From the unborn child to West Virginian toddler drinking poisoned water to the hungry African boy, to the flood ravished Pakistani girl, to the struggling South Pacific family attempting to fish as coral dies and their daily catch drifts away, they are precious in His sight.

    God created this earth as a sustainable garden that would provide our daily bread, if only we would tend His handywork.  Children are deeply impacted by the way we do or don't do, creation care.  Unfortunately, creation care doesn't seem to register on many hearts, even in the Church. Many dismiss creation care as earth worship, tree hugging, or other pejorative terms, simply because we fail in connecting our actions and attitudes surrounding creation care with life, especially the precious children of the world, children die, go hungry, contract diseases, flee their homes, or experience countless other abuses.

    Jesus loves the little children, so should we! Beginning now, the Evangelical Environmental Network seeks to change ourperceptions by launching Creation Care: It's a Matter of Life.  Our effort over the next year will focus on how creation care challenges us to find the hope filled abundant life offered through Jesus for all God's children, as we live life as true Christian disciples.

    We invite you to journey this story with us.  Share with us how God works in you to care for creation and His precious children. Tell us your stories of hope, peace, and joy as we reflect God's image into this crazy world and build a wonderful grace filled future for our children and all the children of the world.

    In Christ,

    Rev. Mitch Hescox

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    Listen to Rev. Mitch talk about Creation Care. It's a Matter of Life on the Weekly Creation Care Podcast.

    Give the Gift of Life! Partner with EEN and our relief and development partners to bring life and hope to children and families around the world.

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