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At EEN Moms, we believe in uplifting and supporting Moms who are making a difference. From nurturing your children, leading groups at church, volunteering and bringing home the bacon, you do all of it. We are grateful for your enthusiasm and passion. We also know you are on social media encouraging, lifting, supporting and inspiring, but sometimes a little help with social media can be welcomed. We have created a series of memes that you should feel to share. If you share, tag the post with #healthycreation, we like and share your post. Just right click to download. 

We have several categories: Nature  #Do1ThingForCreation  General 


John 1:3 Job 37:22 
Nehemiah 9:6 Psalms 24:1


#Do1ThingForCreation - Carry Cloth Shopping Bags #Do1ThingForCreation - Use Safe Cosmetics
#Do1ThingForCreation - Use Dust Mops #Do1ThingForCreation - Shop at your Local Farmer's Market
#Do1ThingForCreation - Fix Leaks  #Do1ThingForCreation - Plant flowers
 #Do1ThingForCreation - Eat whole fruits and vegetables  #Do1ThingForCreation - Use less disposable plastic
 #Do1ThingForCreation - Create No Idling Policies #Do1ThingForCreation - Refuse the Plastic Straws
#Do1ThingForCreation - Protect Pollinators #Do1ThingForCreation - Put Recycle Bins in Sunday School Classes
#Do1ThingForCreation - Reduce Styrofoam #Do1ThingForCreation - Turn Off Faucet while Brushing Teeth or Shaving
#Do1ThingForCreation - Purchase Used Books #Do1ThingForCreation - VBS
#Do1ThingForCreation - Water garden in the evening or morning to save water  Plant a Church Garden
 Compost your pumpkins  Don't flush your drugs down the drain
 Don't wash fats, oils and grease down the drain  Use low VOCs oaints to protect indoor air quality
 Use soy or bees wax candles. Regular wax contains petroleum and pollutes indoor air quality  Recycle electronics. Electronics contain heavy metals.
 Wash full loads of clothes and dishes  


Psalm 118:24 Memes  Psalm 24:1 Meme -The is the day

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