Getting Started with Creation Care

If you are new to creation care or just want to learn more we've put together a list of ways that you can get started.

The Basics

Get Engaged

  • Creation Care Champions (a great way to get personally involved with a network of Christians who are hoping to engage their neighbors and make a difference on creation-care)
  • Caring for Creation Book (co-authored by EEN President and CEO, Mitch Hescox, this book serves as the evangelicals guide  to climate change and a healthy environment)
  • The Creation Care Blog (covers a wide range of topics and conversations)
  • Subscribe to EEN Today! (sign up to receive email updates)

Go Deeper

  • Give (a meaningful way to partner with EEN and support creation care)
  • Creation Care Videos (videos, interviews, and segments on various creation care topics)
  • Like and follow EEN on Facebook and Twitter

Creation Care Sermon Starters and Devotionals