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A Major Step Forward for Pure Air & a Healthy Future for Our Kids

A Statement by the Rev. Mitch Hescox

President/CEO of the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN)

In a major victory for cleaner air and overcoming climate change, the U.S. Court of Appeals today rejected a stay requested by opponents seeking to block implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Clean Power Plan (CPP), which will cut dangerous carbon pollution from America’s power plants.  The Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) is grateful the Court did the right thing; reducing such pollution must move forward without delay.

Last year EEN submitted over 300,000 comments from pro-life Christians in support of regulating carbon from existing coal-burning power plants.  Here is their message that the court supported today:

As pro-life Christians, we urge the EPA to protect life and God’s creation by reducing carbon pollution and toxic emissions from existing coal burning power plants.  We ask the EPA to provide maximum flexibility to states as to how they will cut emissions, including options such as a pollution fee that could cut other taxes. It is time for our leaders to act for the sake of our children's health, the most vulnerable among us, and His beautiful creation.

EPA listened to our comment sense requests when the rule was finalized last July and the flexibility afforded in the standard allows each state to design a plan that works for each state and their most precious resource, children.

Climate Change represents the greatest threat to life and the greatest opportunity for hope of our generation and the generations yet to come.  Reducing carbon pollution from existing power plants will protect children from health impacts and help lead to cleaner air and purer water.  Starting to place a real cost on carbon through the CPP will be a major impetus for a clean energy future that creates good jobs and continues to position our country as the world's innovative business leader.  We must stop subsiding power companies with health of our kids and correct the market failure of fossil fuels.

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