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A Biblical Call in a Modern World

Evangelical Christians are called to care all of God's creation

As Christians, we are constantly working to live in accordance with the Bible and apply Biblical teaching to a daily stream of scientific discovery. Evangelical Christians know that our call to care for God’s gift of the garden is the original covenant we were given. We also know that we break that covenant over and over. Thankfully, God is the forgiving parent of the prodigal son. He continues to renew his affirmation with us through the extension of grace.

Caring for God's first gist to us earthCaring for God’s first gift to us, our beautiful little blue planet, can be very confusing. With conflicting information about chemicals, drugs, clean air and water, and a changing climate, the debate can leave many of us confused and in a state of inaction.

But, how do you know who to trust? The answer is simple- trust the people who aren’t profiting from the products and conversations. More importantly, start with the people who are using the Bible to make sound decisions to care for God’s earth.

That’s why the work of the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) is so critical. We don’t expect a general practitioner to understand the complexities of all medical specialties, and we can’t expect every pastor to be an expert on creation care. EEN works hard to provide pastors, congregations, and individuals with the tools needed to better understand our call to care for creation.

We recently launched a sermon starter series as part of our free and public resources. We aim to equip people to better understand stewardship and how to best care for our children. Air pollution and dirty water are a major threat, and that is why we fight for cleaner air and educate people on the dangers of chemicals.

Another great way to be an informed steward is to download our free Bible Study. It explores our Biblical call and what that looks like as modern moms. This study also includes education on key chemicals and how to combat them in the home. Download the Bible Study here.

Beyond our work, TEDX is another free educational tool that can help inform families to make smarter, better choices to protect our world, and most importantly, our kids. This tool offers a wealth of information on one of the most challenging chemicals to understand endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruptors, according to TEDX, “interfere with hormones and other chemical messengers that control development in wildlife and humans.”

 ©2014 Julie Dermansky for Earthworks
©2014 Julie Dermansky for Earthworks

TEDX was founded by Dr. Theo Colborn. Dr. Colborn published and lectured extensively on the multi-generational impacts of toxic chemicals on the developing endocrine, immune, metabolic, and nervous systems in the womb and early childhood. Yes, you read that right, chemicals impact babies in the womb. The once held belief that the baby in the womb was protected from exposure to dangerous toxins has now been medically disproven. Endocrine disruptors harm our babies and they harm our ability to reproduce.

Although Dr. Colborn passed away in 2014, she has left a marvelous legacy of explaining the inner workings of endocrine disruption. There is also a robust website that provides a database on the all the independent research being done on the topic. In particular, a database of methane studies.

What is methane and what does it have to do endocrine disruptors? Methane is the primary component in natural gas, and it is leaking all over the United States. Checking for leaks in production and transportation is crucial, but gas companies have been fighting the regulations meant to prevent leaks and protect our kids. These leaks are detrimental to human health, and the results are well documented. EEN has worked hard to defend methane regulations, and has taken the fight to the halls of Congress and to EPA hearings in Washington D.C.

The way to protect our children and God’s creation is for us to be better stewards. We can’t rely on others to protect our families. Our call to righteousness means we can’t ignore or leave it up to others. The best way to be good stewards is to be informed stewards.

We recommend these educational pieces on TEDX:

When we protect everyone, we protect our own. Is there any better way to walk with Jesus than that?

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