Big Texas, Big Energy, Big Potential

There’s an old saying: “Everything’s big in Texas.” That’s literally true when it comes to energy production, consumption, and pollution.

Texas is:

  • the #1 energy producing state in America, mainly due to oil and natural gas;
  • the #1 producer of electricity, generating almost twice as much as the next state;
  • the #1 producer of lignite coal and #6 coal producer overall, which is used to create Texas electricity.
  • the #1 producer of electricity from natural gas, contributing almost half of the total;
  • the #1 consumer of energy, with the industrial sector consuming the most;
  • the #1 consumer of coal;
  • the #2 economy and #2 in population;
  • the #1 producer of energy-related CO2 emissions, almost double the amount of the next state, California.



Big Texas, Big Clean Energy Potential, Big Winner

If Big Texas is the biggest polluter, guess what? By 2030 Texas could be the biggest winner when it comes to clean energy and creating a healthier environment for the unborn and children.

Texas is:

  • #1 in renewable energy potential;
  • #1 in wind energy production [see EIA Fig. 3 below], with plenty of untapped potential;
  • nearly inexhaustible in solar power potential; using current technologies Texas could create enough power to supply 750 million people, more than double the US population (319 million); its total solar resource, if it could be tapped, would supply 12.9 billion people, close to double the world population (7.3 billion);
  • rich in geothermal energy potential;
  • a prime candidate for improvements in conservation and efficiency; Texas ranks only 32nd when it comes to using less carbon pollution to create economic growth, and 26th on an energy efficiency scorecard, with its utilities performing quite poorly, only earning 0.5 out of 20.
  • poised for clean energy greatness with the right public policies to allow families, communities, businesses,
  • poised for clean energy greatness with the right public policies to allow families, communities, and businesses to produce their own clean electricity without fees from utilities and sell what they don't need to others, as well as policies that result in the utilities themselves becoming clean.


Our Plan of Action

Be A Witness To The World

  • Sign our Petition to let the world know that pro-life Christians want to protect the unborn and children from pollution by having Texas generate 100% clean electricity by 2030.
  • Grow our Pro-Life Clean Energy movement by encouraging others to sign our Petition. Share our Petition by using the buttons at the bottom of the Petition page.
  • Make your home more energy efficient such as replacing old light bulbs with LEDs.  Go here for more suggestions.

Make Texas the #1 Clean Energy State

We’re asking Governor Greg Abbott to create a plan to:

  • Free our children from pollution with 100% clean electricity from renewable resources by 2030.
  • Defend our freedom to create our own electricity from sunshine and sell what we don’t need to others, without fees championed by monopolistic utilities to make it unaffordable and out of reach.
  • Free our communities from regulations that prevent us from joining together to create our own clean electricity and sell what we don’t need to others.
  • Free businesses from such regulations so that they, too, can create and sell clean electricity.

Support Public Policies To Achieve Our Goals

1. Net Metering across Texas.

Net Metering is a successful approach to achieve our goals that has been around for 35 years. When your solar panels produce more electricity than you need your meter literally spins backwards. What you don’t use you sell back to your utility. Our position is that your utility should buy it back at the same retail rate with no fees. Currently this type of Net Metering is not available in Texas.

This must change!

2. Strengthen the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).

A Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) is a policy where electric utilities are required to obtain a certain percentage of their electricity from renewable energy resources such as wind and solar. Texas is the #1 wind producing state because of its RPS policy, enacted in 1999 when George Bush was Governor. But until recently the RPS hasn’t benefited solar. To achieve our goal of 100% clean electricity by 2030 will require strengthening the RPS considerably, ensuring that solar’s potential is fully realized.

3. A Stronger Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS).

Texas was the first state to adopt an Energy Efficiency Resource Standard or EERS. Unfortunately, its success has been hobbled by some of the lowest efficiency targets in the country and by allowing large consumers to opt out. The targets must be strengthened and large customers should no longer get a free pass.

4. Advance the State’s Geothermal Potential.

Initial studies show that Texas has significant geothermal potential across the state. More support for Research, Development, Demonstration, and Commercialization is needed.

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