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Congressman Curbelo Offers Courageous Moral Leadership on Climate Action

A conservative is someone who recognizes reality for what it is and faces up to it. A patriot is someone who puts his or her country’s interests above their own when called upon.  

Congressman Curbelo (R-FL, 26th), and his colleague Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA, 08th) have recognized the problem of climate change and have proposed an effective solution:  a well-structured carbon tax that meets our pollution reduction commitments under the Paris Climate Accord. With this leadership these Members of Congress have showed that they are true conservatives and patriots.  We are honored to support their leadership.

This legislative proposal offered by Rep. Curbelo and his colleagues offers an excellent beginning that can be fine-tuned as the process moves forward.

We have two special concerns.  We want to ensure that:

  1. low-income Americans are not disproportionately impacted economically (called regressivity), and;
  2. There is fairness of burden between regions of the country, especially for those heavily reliant on coal-generated electricity like the Southeast and Midwest.

As to the former, the proposed legislation already has significant policies to help address regressivity.  We will offer suggestions to help ensure as many low-income Americans are held economically harmless as possible.

Concerning fairness of burden between regions, this is a difficult issue that will have to be solved through the legislative process.

There is a great deal of work to be done if this legislation is to become law.  As conservative pro-life Christians, we stand ready to support Congressman Curbelo and the cosponsors of this legislation as they lead the way.  We are grateful for their moral and patriotic leadership.

Learn more about conservative climate action.

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