10 Eco-Mission Projects for MOPs or Moms Groups

We have loved seeing so many MOPs groups online show their service projects. It’s no surprise that moms are super givers! As women who have had so many blessings and hearts full of love, their care for others is touching and inspiring. If you are looking for some new ways to serve the community or want to change things up a bit, here are some ideas that take care of God’s earth, serve your community and some even include the kids.   Continue reading

Top 10 Things to Prevent Isolation When You have Infants and Toddlers

I was so excited to be able to stay home with my new baby, but I also knew one thing, I am a very social person.  Our modern time is not like earlier generations where you could just walk on your street with the baby in the stroller and see lots of Moms doing the same. I decided that I needed a plan when my first came along. I treated staying home as my job.  I developed a support community just like I had a project at work. After all, God calls us to be in community so I decided to build it. Continue reading

Compost Tumbling towards Caring for God's Creation

Our family has been looking for a meaningful way to care more for God's creation.  Last year we planted milkweed for the Monarch butterflies, but this year we were ready to make a big change.  Being aware of our impact on the environment was a new goal for our family, focusing on the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) in our daily lives, but one area we never felt comfortable to try was composting. Continue reading

Whose land is it anyway?

They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. – Isaiah 11:9 We are so blessed. America is an amazing country. The breadth and diversity of our land and coastlines, the abundance of all our natural resources can only be attributed to God’s divine presence as America was created. It is the sin of man that led to the destruction of the cultures that were decimated in that process. Continue reading

Food Waste: No one is perfect, so compost

As for that in the good soil, they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience.- Luke 8:15 As we begin our journey on reducing our food waste there is something we should confess up front to each other. No one is perfect. There will still be food waste in your life. My friend, Betsy gave me a mantra that I use every day. Progress not perfection. As Christians, we would say give yourself grace. As women and mothers in particular, there are so many self-imposed hurdles we try to do each day. Be the perfect Mom, be the perfect wife, be the perfect co-worker or stay-at-home-mom, be the perfect girl friend, and the list goes on. Now you are probably saying, “You want me to be the perfect composter?” The answer is no. Continue reading

What motivates you? Moms and Children

What motivates me is having faith that I finally have peace with the call of Jesus in my life. When I started my blog 10 years ago little did I know that the blog would become a journey of developing my spiritual muscles and becoming a voice to protect God’s creation. It has been a marvelous journey Continue reading

Food Waste: By the Numbers

In my first post of the New Year, I discussed how I was focusing on love and food waste. When I started to write the post, I knew I was going to have write several posts about food waste because unfortunately, there is so much to discuss. So in this post we are going to explore the numbers. Fair warning the numbers are shocking and pretty sad, but I believe that by understanding the numbers we can wrap our heads around how to tackle the challenges. Continue reading

2018: Love and Food Waste

I revolt against New Year’s Resolutions. They always seem punishing and something to do with making yourself “look” better but not truly feel better more like feeling guilty. In the end you might have lost some weight sweated alongside the other 1,000,000 people in the gym or on the bike path, but it doesn’t last. We’ll skip all the reasons why they don’t work. Continue reading

Bible Verses for Children on Creation Care

In our post about teaching preschoolers to pray, we promised a list of Bible verses that teach about God’s relation with us, the earth and our Biblical call to protect the earth. We have compiled quite a list. The most violent verses we chose to leave out but there are still some verses here that might be too complicated for your child. Use your best discretion as a parent. We chose to use the International Children’s Bible via BibleGateway.com. We chose this version because it did simplify language but it does not simplify some of the concepts. The list is lengthy. They are in order as you would find them in the Bible. We have provided a quick link below. Also, do you have a question about one of the verses? We have three pastors on staff. Drop us an email with your question and we will try to get an answer for you quickly.  Continue reading

Teaching Preschoolers to Pray for God’s Creation

Medical researchers have discovered that people with a full robust dynamic prayer and faith life have the healthiest brains and therefore healthier lives. This so excites me because that means God designed us to be in communion with him daily. I’ve said for years that Christians are excellent at corporal prayer. When we are together, we can pray to the heavens, but as a church at large, we don’t do a good job on teaching ourselves to have a real deep prayer practice outside of church. Yes! There are many of us now who have discovered the power of prayer. Maybe it was, The War Room, that got you motivated or maybe it was Bible Study, but what you probably missed was learning how to deeply and emotionally connect with God as a child. It wasn’t your parents fault or your Sunday School teacher, as we move through modern discipleship where so many of us are intentionally trying to walk with Jesus, the materials available to help build a meaningful pray life weren’t available while we were growing up. Continue reading