Meet the Next Generation of Creation Care Lovers

My name is Mykal Shupe. I am going to be a senior at Malone University double majoring in Zoo & Wildlife Biology and Environmental Studies with a minor in Psychology. I have been a Christian since I was seven years old and I continue to love and serve Jesus in everything that I do.  Continue reading

Reduce, reduce, reduce

The 3 Rs of creation care are reduce, reuse, recycle but many of us skip over the first two and go straight to recycle. Recycling is incredibly important but we need to focus on the reduce and reuse more. Why? Because we don't have enough resources to stay on our plastic diet. Secondly, unless policy changes and recycled product content is embraced by industry in everything, we will never use all we consume. Finally, for all our efforts there is plenty that can't be recycled. Join Beth and her sister Kendra, as they discuss what this all means and simple steps you can take at home to reduce your lifestyle and then reuse what you do use and then recycle it. Continue reading

Clean Living in the Midwest

Joe Barber is the President of Natural Soy Products, Ltd and the Clean Environment Company. He and his wife Melissa have three children, and live in Waverly, Iowa. Joe is a graduate from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Political Science. Joe spent 23 years in metal manufacturing before having the opportunity to join the Natural Soy team. As an Eagle Scout, and a farm boy, Joe has always had a passion for nature and making sure that his children can have the same wonderful experiences in the outdoors that he had. Continue reading

Caring for Creation in Rural America

Christina Krost is a United Methodist pastor’s wife, a mother, and an Earth care advocate working for Faith in Place, the Illinois Affiliate of Interfaith Power & Light. She is also a UMW Be Just Be Green Jurisdiction Guide for North Central Jurisdiction. She lives with her husband and three daughters in rural Illinois and blogs at Continue reading

Rest In the Moment

Christine Sine is the founder and facilitator for, which grew out of her passion for creative spirituality, gardening and sustainability. Together with her husband, Tom, she is also co-Founder of Mustard Seed Associates but recently retired to make time available for writing and speaking. She is a contemplative activist, passionate gardener, author, and liturgist. She loves messing with church traditions and inspiring followers of Jesus to develop creative approaches to spirituality that intertwine the sacred through all of life. She facilitates workshops on spirituality and gardening, simplicity and sustainability and how to develop a more spiritual rhythm for our lives. Christine is inspired by Celtic Christian spirituality, which has opened her eyes to the God who is present in every moment, every experience and every place. She is open to learning from everyone and everything around. Continue reading

Stepping Into the Sun

Tina Wilkinson is chairperson of Solarize Dunwoody, an Earthkeeper in the United Methodist Church, and a member of the board of directors of Georgia Interfaith Power & Light. She was chosen as the City of Dunwoody’s Sustainability Hero for 2015 in recognition for her environmental activism in the Dunwoody community. She founded the organic garden program at Vanderlyn Elementary and the Creation Care team at Dunwoody UMC. She has two children, Ben & Anna, who are students at Dunwoody High School, and is married to Scott Wilkinson. Before leaving the workplace to stay home with her children, she worked for over ten years at Wachovia Bank in Winston-Salem, NC and Atlanta, GA, in their corporate banking unit. Continue reading

Teaching the Love of Jesus and Caring for His Creation

Dr. Lindsay Linsky is “a professor who is called to write for Christ and creation.”  She is the author of Keep It Good: Understanding Creation Care through Parables, which has been described as “a landmark read for every Christian.” She serves as an Assistant Professor and Coordinator in the College of Education at the University of North Georgia. She earned her PhD in Science Education from the UGA, and her dissertation focused on Environmental Education. Lindsay lives with her husband and two small children in Suwanee, GA where they attend 12Stone Church of the Wesleyan Denomination. Continue reading

Our National Parks: Upholding God's Creation as our American Value

Audrey Peterman is nationally recognized as a leader in the movement to make America’s prized public lands a household word, known and loved by a broad spectrum of our population. Mrs. Peterman and her husband Frank have visited more than 200 of the most scenic and historically significant national parks, forests and wildlife refuges and have spent more than two decades writing, speaking and advocating for their protection. Continue reading

Protecting your kids in Frackland

Patrice Tomcik is the Pennsylvania Field Consultant and the National Oil & Gas Program Coordinator for Moms Clean Air Force. Patrice lives in Butler County about 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh, PA where natural gas development is rampant. Her children go to school ½ mile away from a natural gas well pad and a pipeline that puts 3,200 children’s health and safety at risk.  Continue reading

God, Family, Creation Care, and Putting It All Together

Andrea is a pastor, writer, preacher and mother of four. She is the Director of SACRED ALLIANCE, a new center advancing the gifts of women in ministry and leadership at Wesley Seminary. She also serves the Lausanne Movement, facilitating mentoring relationships for their Younger Leaders global initiative. Andrea has dedicated her ministry to the local church as God’s agent of redemption in the world.  Continue reading