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Evangelicals Thank Sen. Kirk for Good Stewardship of Great Lakes

Statement by Rev. Mitch Hescox: 

We thank Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) for his continued leadership in defending the Great Lakes from pollution that impacts human health, including the purity of drinking water for 30 million Americans.

The latest examples of Sen. Kirk’s defense of the Great Lakes are provisions authored and/or backed by the Senator in the FY2017 Interior Appropriations Bill just passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee.  These include the following.

  • Immediate public notification when inadequately treated sewage is dumped into the Great Lakes.
  • $300 million in funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.
  • $2.35 billion to address infrastructure needs and reduce high lead levels in drinking water.
  • $15 million to help small rural communities keep their drinking water clean by maintaining their water infrastructure systems.

With these provisions, Senator Kirk is helping us live out our values: love of country, love of neighbor, providing a healthy environment for our children, and being good stewards of God’s creation.

Thank you, Senator Kirk!

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