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For Our Children’s Sake, the Senate Must Not Cut EPA’s Funding

A statement from Rev. Mitch Hescox

Yesterday 36 Senators, including my Senator, Bob Casey, sent a letter to Republican leadership asking that funding for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) not be cut, as it is in the current version of the funding bill for the EPA, the Senate Interior Appropriations bill.   

We are in complete agreement with Sen. Casey and his colleagues, and are grateful for their leadership.

The EPA budget is down 22% since 2010.  If the proposed cuts in the Senate Interior Appropriations bill were enacted, EPA’s operating budget would be the smallest since 1986; its workforce is already at 1980s levels.  

If we look only at the proposed cuts in the Senate funding bill, it would reduce water protection by 9% and clean air programs by 10%, among other things.

Some may callously or foolishly cheer such a result; we do not.  Simply put, the work of protecting our children from pollution cannot be effective at these funding and staffing levels.  

It is time to repent, to put our country on the right path once again to protect our children by restoring EPA funding to levels commensurate with its mission to “protect human health and the environment.”


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