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Senator Gardner is Putting Corporate Polluters Ahead of Coloradans’ Health

By Refusing to Condemn the Trump Administration’s Attack on States’ Authority to Curb Vehicle Pollution, Senator Gardner is Putting Corporate Polluters Ahead of Coloradans’ Health

Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) responds to President Trump’s unprecedented and dangerous revocation of states’ authority to address tailpipe pollution from vehicles

Today, Rev. Mitch Hescox, President & CEO, EEN, released the following statement in response to Colorado Senator Cory Gardner’s refusal to condemn the Trump Administration’s attack on the authority of states,2019AirQuality2_Ozone_denver_en_title_lg.jpg established by the Clean Air Act, to adopt strong vehicle pollution standards.

“The Denver Metro Area has long suffered its brown-cloud and ranks as the 12th most polluted city in the nation according the The American Lung Association’s State of the Air 2019 Report for smog (ozone). That puts Colorado’s 100,231 children and 772,042 seniors with asthma at greater risk for more acute and frequent asthma attacks especially as Colorado continues to warm from climate change’s increased heat. The threat to our children’s health is why over 15,000 and still counting pro-life Christians in Colorado have joined our Pro-Life Clean Energy Campaign that states: 

‘As a pro-life Christian, I believe pollution harms the unborn, causing damage that lasts a lifetime. Dirty water and air have serious consequences for the health of our children and other vulnerable populations, like the elderly. And the climate threat is a menace to our children's future.
So, I ask my elected officials to support a plan for clean electricity that will:

  • free our children from pollution and help thwart the climate threat by relying entirely on clean electricity from renewable resources like wind and solar by 2030;
  • defend our freedom to create our own electricity from sunshine without any hindrances from utilities;
  • defend the freedom our communities have to join together to create our own electricity in Community Solar Gardens; and free businesses so that they, too, can create and sell clean electricity.’

2019AirQuality2_OzoneExplainer_en_title_lg.jpgOur community sees this unprecedented attack on vehicle standards as an attack on our children’s lives and a threat to states’ rights. With the Front Ranges’ recent success in reducing smog, failure to implement new auto efficiency standards only harms Colorado’s kids and our rights. President Trump and EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler are undermining the Clean Air Act, and spurning their moral obligation to protect the health of all Americans. 

In failing to condemn this indefensible move from the Trump Administration, Senator Cory Gardner is turning his back on Colorado families, putting him out of step with other state leaders like Governor Jared Polis and Attorney General Phil Weiser who have already filed suit to stop this reckless rollback. Instead of standing with Coloradans, he’s standing with corporate polluters. Coloradans deserve better from Senator Gardner. We urge Senator Gardner to join our Pro-Life Clean Energy Campaign and defend Colorado’s most vulnerable citizens.”

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