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Gov. Wolf Call-in Day

Join our Call-in Day of Action to tell Gov. Wolf to protect the children of PA by strengthening methane standards! 

LEARN MORE: Here in Pennsylvania, over 300,000 of our children attend school within 1/2 mile from these facilities. Fugitive methane and other leaking chemicals will cause over 30,000 additional asthma attacks in our kids if we don’t reduce the leaks. And new studies prove the natural gas industry leaks at least 5x the amount of methane reported to the state.

Nothing is more valuable than our children's future, but the fixes to prevent these releases are actually simple and inexpensive.

This tool makes it easy:  Just enter your information below, and you’ll get a call back from us connecting you to the Governor's office while talking points (that you can preview below) appear on this screen to ensure you know what to say every step of the way.

Don't forget to tell the staffer who answers — or to leave a message detailing:

  • Your name, where you're calling from, and that you're a Christian concerned about caring for God's creation.
  • Thank you for setting important goals for Pennsylvania to cut emissions and protect children's health. Your rule to cut shale gas air pollution must be a central part of achieving these goals. The only way to accomplish this is to strengthen the rule by taking a more comprehensive approach to controlling climate-warming methane pollution from the gas industry.

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