Gov. Wolf Strengthens Governors Push for Clean Energy

Yesterday Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Wolf joined a bipartisan group of 17 Governors, whose states represent over 40% of the US population, in signing an Accord where they pledge to help create a cleaner more prosperous future for our children.

Gov. Wolf and his 16 fellow Governor’s believe that:

“American prosperity has always depended on embracing new ideas and technologies. By deploying renewable, cleaner and more efficient energy solutions, we can make our national economy more productive and resilient.”

We wholeheartedly agree with Gov. Wolf and his colleagues and are grateful for their leadership –  and we have two things to offer from our Pro-Life Clean Energy Campaign.

First, the Accord would be strengthened by a clean energy goal, and we have just the right one from our Campaign: 100% clean electricity in each of their states by 2030.

Second, when their efforts help us achieve 100% clean energy by 2030 we will be there to support them; this year we will be organizing half a million pro-life Christians to be a part of our Campaign.

The public here in Pennsylvania is already with us even before we get started.  Eighty-Two percent of Pennsylvanians support a clean energy future and among them are at least 67,000 pro-life Christians already working with us who demand a pollution-free future our children and grandchildren.

Here is where the Governors Accord and our Pro-Life Clean Energy Campaign align:


We have launched our Pro-Life Clean Energy Campaign because pollution harms the unborn, causing damage that last’s a lifetime.  Dirty air and water has serious consequences for the health of our children and other vulnerable populations like the elderly.  It is time to stop poisoning the womb and our environment and create a cleaner, brighter future for our children, free from pollution.

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform how we create electricity for our homes and businesses – not with the old, dirty, outdated, wasteful approaches from the past, like coal-burning power plants run by state-sanctioned monopolies – but with clean, new, innovative approaches like those powered by wind and  by sunshine, such as rooftop solar, owned by families and individuals.

That’s why we support Gov. Wolf and this bipartisan group of 17 Governors, and will be encouraging them to do even more by affirming our goal of 100% clean electricity by 2030.

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