Nevada's Clean Energy Potential

Nevada can help keep the unborn and our children safe from pollution and achieve our campaign’s goal of 100% clean electricity by 2030 without breaking a sweat.  Indeed, Nevada could easily create more clean electricity than it needs and sell the extra to other states.

Nevada’s Potential

The Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) tells us the following about Nevada:

Solar: Nevada leads the nation in solar power potential.  Until a very foolish ruling by Nevada’s Public Utility Commission (see below), Nevada was #1 in solar job creation per capita.

Geothermal: Just like with solar, Nevada has the largest untapped geothermal potential of any state, and is currently the second largest producer of electricity from geothermal behind California.

Renewables (geothermal, hydro, solar, wind) now produce more electricity than coal, which is on its way out.

Now Here’s the Dumb Part: Almost 90% of Nevada’s total energy comes from out of state!

This is foolish, given Nevada’s clean energy potential.  Rather than being an energy importer that watches energy dollars flow out of the state’s economy, Nevada should be enriching its citizens by exporting clean electricity to other states.

Realizing Nevada’s Potential

Here are some ways we can begin to realize Nevada’s clean energy potential.

Be A Witness To The World

  • Sign our Petition to let the world know that pro-life Christians want to protect the unborn and children from pollution by having Nevada generate 100% clean electricity by 2030.
  • Grow our Pro-Life Clean Energy movement by encouraging others to sign our Petition. Share our Petition by using the buttons at the bottom of the Petition page.
  • Make your home more energy efficient, such as replacing old light bulbs with LEDs. Go here for more suggestions.
  • Install solar panels.

Make Nevada A Clean Energy Exporter

We’re asking Governor Brian Sandoval to create a plan to:

  • Free our children from pollution with 100% clean electricity from renewable resources by 2030.
  • Defend our freedom to create our own electricity from sunshine and sell what we don’t need to others, without fees championed by monopolistic utilities to make it unaffordable and out of reach.
  • Free our communities from regulations that prevent us from joining together to create our own clean electricity and sell what we don’t need to others.
  • Free businesses from such regulations so that they, too, can create and sell clean electricity.

Support Public Policies To Help Achieve Our Goals

  1. Stop Those Trying to Kill Rooftop Solar

The country’s investor-owned utilities have actually stated that if people are free to produce their own clean electricity it “could directly threaten the centralized utility model,” meaning their state-sanctioned monopoly.  That’s why they’re fighting hard to curtail our freedom to produce our own clean electricity; it’s why NV Energy used their special influence with the Nevada Public Utility Commission (PUC) to institute the biggest roll back of rooftop solar guarantees our country has ever seen.  All three PUC Commissioners have been appointed by Gov. Brian Sandoval (R).

Rooftop solar owners Dale Matz and his wife skipped vacations to pay for their panels because they want to reduce both harmful pollution and their electric bill.  “I’ve got kids and grandkids growing up on this planet. Global warming is a real thing.”

But now, in a bait-and-switch, promises made to the Matz’s and other rooftop solar owners have now been rescinded, cutting what they could earn over time from 11 cents to less than 3 cents per kWh and increasing a monthly fee from $13 to nearly $40 by 2028.

Because of this bait-and-switch, the largest residential solar company has pulled out of Nevada and the second largest has just slashed hundreds of jobs.  As one solar leader put it, Nevada is “the first state to eliminate an active solar market.”

Here are some actions you can take to support rooftop solar:

Gov. Sandoval and other elected leaders and appointed government officials, including the PUC Commissioners, need to hear the explicit voice of pro-life Christians calling for 100% clean electricity by 2013 and no fees on rooftop solar.  Signing our Petition does exactly that.  Besides no fees, our position is that your utility should buy back your excess power at the same retail rate they charge you.  Fair is fair.  Finally, there should be no cap on how much solar can be a part of net metering; this part of the law must change.  This is all part of our call for the freedom to be able to sell the clean energy we don’t need to others.

  • Grow our Pro-Life Clean Energy Movement

Encourage others to sign our Petition.  Share our Petition by using the buttons at the bottom of the Petition page.

Consider Other Actions to Reverse the Rollback

  • Replace the Commissioners – Gov. Sandoval appointed the three Commissioners of the Public Utility Commission (PUC) that approved the rooftop solar rollback. One group has a petition asking Gov. Sandoval to remove the current un-elected Commissioners and replace them with those who will fulfill the obligations of the office.
  • Ballot Initiative; Legislative Initiative – Another effort is organizing people to support a ballot initiative and legislation that would reverse the PUC’s rooftop solar rollback.
  1. Strengthen the RPS

A Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) is a policy where electric utilities are required to obtain a certain percentage of their electricity from renewable energy resources such as wind and solar.  Nevada was an RPS pioneer, becoming one of the first states to enact an RPS in 1997.  Such path breaking leadership is needed again; currently the RPS requires 25% of electricity generated by utilities be powered by renewables by 2025.  A much more robust RPS is needed if our goal of 100% clean electricity by 2030 is to be reached.

  1. Boost Conservation and Efficiency

Nevada ranks 31st on an efficiency scorecard of all the states, scoring an anemic 13 points out of 50.  Right now efficiency is part of the RPS.  A better approach would be robust stand-alone efficiency targets for utilities.  Appliance standards also need to be created/strengthened.  Finally, local governments have jurisdiction over building codes; they must adopt and ensure compliance with strong efficiency standards; a start would be to adopt the Nevada Energy Code.

  1. Move Geothermal Forward

Given geothermal’s potential in Nevada, public policy must be enhanced to turn promise into reality.  The Blue Mountain Faulkner Geothermal Power Plant demonstrates the combination of patient government and venture capital investment and clean tech advances can transform an under-performing plant into an overachiever.  Public policy should build on this formula: sustained R&D; patient government investment; private capital, and; creative application of new technology.

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