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Over 24,000 Pro-Life Christians in Texas Are Calling for 100% Clean Electricity by 2030

Asking Gov. Abbott and Presidential Candidates to Lead the Way

Pollution harms the unborn, causing damage that last’s a lifetime.  Dirty air and water has serious consequences for the health of our children.

This is why pro-life Christians must lead the charge on clean energy, and why the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) is organizing half a million pro-life Christians across the country to participate in EEN’s Pro-Life Clean Energy Campaign (sign the petition).  In just a few weeks 24,642 pro-life Christians in Texas have already joined, calling for 100% clean electricity by 2030.  According to a just released poll by the University of Texas they are in good company:  86% of Americans support action for energy security.

“It is time to stop poisoning the womb and our environment and create a cleaner, brighter future for our children, free from pollution,” said the Rev. Mitch Hescox, President/CEO of the Evangelical Environmental Network.  “Over 638,000 kids in Texas have asthma, and pollution makes it hard for them to breath.  That’s not right,” said Rev. Hescox.

“The Holy Bible testifies to God’s mandate on all Believers to care for Creation. Industrial pollution is clearly harmful to the environment and threatens to harm human lives. That is why Christians in Texas are asking policy makers to make creation care a priority,” said Rev. Dr. Daniel Flores, The Hispanic Wesleyan Society, Fort Worth, TX.

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform how we create electricity for our homes and businesses – not with the old and outdated approaches from the past, like coal-burning power plants run by state-sanctioned monopolies – but with clean, new, innovative approaches like those powered by wind and by sunshine, such as rooftop solar, owned by families and individuals.

Texas can lead the way, leaving in the past that it is the nation’s biggest polluter by becoming the biggest winner in clean energy.  Texas is blessed with the largest abundance in clean energy potential in the country (learn more about what’s possible in Texas).  The state is already the biggest producer of wind generated electricity; indeed, on February 18 Texas a new record for wind generation, producing over 14,000 MW of electricity supplying over 45% of the state’s needs.

The Pro-Life Clean Energy Campaign is asking Gov. Abbott and the presidential candidates  to do what’s right, stand up to utility monopolies protecting their profits at our expense, and defend the right of families, individuals, communities, and businesses to help set us free from pollution by creating our own clean electricity and selling what we don’t need to others.

Here is what half a million pro-life Christians will be  fighting for, and what we’re asking from our elected officials like Gov. Abbott and the presidential candidates:

  • Free our children from pollution all across America with 100% clean electricity from renewable resources by 2030.
  • Defend our freedom to create our own electricity from wind & sunshine, without fees championed by monopolistic utilities to make it unaffordable and out of reach.
  • Free our communities from regulations that prevent us from joining together to create our own clean electricity and sell what we don’t need to others.
  • Free businesses from such regulations so that they, too, can create and sell clean electricity.

“Our children, both the unborn and born, deserve the right to an abundant life unhindered by pollutants that threaten their hearts, lungs, and brains.  We have a biblical responsibility to defend our children and at the same time empower our markets for energy freedom,” said Hescox.

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