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Pennsylvania Demands Clean Energy and Energy Freedom


Dirty sources of energy have lasting impacts on our children, both born and unborn. Children's health is threatened by pollution that harms our water and air, and our beautiful state of Pennsylvania is no exception. Learn more about local issues in the resources below, and speak out to defend clean air and energy freedom by signing the petition. 

Learn more:

"Today in America it is our children, including the unborn, who suffer from our failure to be good stewards.  One in three children suffer from asthma, autism, ADHD, or severe allergies linked to our use of petrochemicals and fossil fuels.  Here in our area the American Lung Association gives us a failing grade for smog and a C for soot, making life hard for the 30,000 children with asthma and harming the unborn." Read more in York Daily Record.

"Here in Pennsylvania we experience dramatic increases in Lyme disease, thanks to warmer springs and falls. According to the Center for Disease Control, climate change has spread Lyme disease ticks over 320 percent geographically, and others cite increased asthma attacks as our climate warms." Read more in York Dispatch. 

"Eighty-four percent of medical research lists adverse health impacts associated with unconventional drilling (fracking), such as birth defects and low birth weight.  However, methane leaks and associated smog precursors don’t result in life threats just for those unfortunate to live near fracking sites.  They impact us in York County, especially our children, older Americans, and those with heart conditions or breathing difficulties." Read more in York Daily Record.

Check out this infographic on methane emissions in PA.

Learn about the impact of oil and gas operations on your baby's health.

Join our nation-wide clean energy campaign. 

Did you know?

Philadelphia and Reading are among the worst cities in the nation for smog pollution.

Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Reading, Altoona, Johnston, Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, Lebanon, Erie and Meadville rank in the worst 20 American Cities for soot- and 16,000 babies are born prematurely in the US due to soot, and 1/3 die.

Over 66,000 clean energy jobs exist in our state already.

We have enough wind and solar resources in PA to meet 4.5 times our energy demands.


As a pro-life Christian, I believe pollution harms the unborn, causing damage that lasts a lifetime. Dirty water and air have serious consequences for the health of our children and other vulnerable populations, like the elderly.

So, I ask Pennsylvania Legislature, and other elected officials to support a plan for clean electricity that will: free our children from pollution by relying entirely on clean electricity from renewable resources like wind and solar by 2030; defend our freedom to create our own electricity from sunshine, without fees championed by monopolistic utilities; free our communities from regulations that prevent us from joining together to create our own electricity; and free businesses from such regulations so that they, too, can create and sell clean electricity.

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