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The Latest Threat to Pennsylvania

What is more important to you – your children and grandchildren, or the natural gas industry? For Harrisburg – it’s seems they’re more interested in helping the gas industry than defending our children, both born and unborn. This week, legislators, including pro-life advocates, will vote on a Bill (SB-1088) that would send us right back to 1984 and harm our children.

SB-1088 will:

  • End disclosure of toxic chemicals used in drilling, undermine safe drinking water standards, and remove consideration of drilling’s impact on state parks and forests. 
  • Be less strident than the American Petroleum Institute’s own standards for the industry.
  • Ease regulations on smaller conventional wells even though they are just as prone to spills and leaks that can leach into our groundwater as fracking rigs. The bill defines key operations so poorly that many fracked wells drilling closer to the water table would also be able to shirk protective responsibilities.
  • Weaken protections for drinking water, exempting certain drillers from requirements to replace impacted sources with water that meets Safe Drinking Water Act standards.
  • Allow drillers to ignore and not clean-up toxic spills in our streams and rivers.
  • Reduce required distances for wells from homes as well as rivers and streams.
  • Attempt to have the state once again preempt all more protective local regulations on drilling, a scheme already struck down by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 2013.
  • Harm our children, born and unborn. Medical study after medical study has demonstrated that toxic chemicals in the air and water cause low-birth weight for babies, creates a greater risk for cancer and birth defects, and increases dirty air pollution.

Tell your senator to defend our children and vote against SB-1088.

It’s time to stop hiding the cost of the natural gas industry in the hearts, lungs, brains, and even lives of our kids. Let’s derail SB-1088 and tell Governor Wolf to establish sensible standards that defend our kids and requires the industry to pay for their own damages.

Please call your state Senator and tell them you’re a pro-life Christian who demands protections for our children and that you oppose SB-1088.


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