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Prayer is essential to everything that we do as a ministry. It is through prayer that we are equipped for faithful advocacy.

Our faith and the Scriptures are full of the testimonies of men and women like Moses, Esther, Daniel, and Nehemiah who brought about powerful movements of justice that were fuelled by prayer. The Bible tells us that Jesus often sought a quiet place to pray to His Father throughout His three years of earthly ministry. Additionally, Jesus' ministry was established after He prayed and fasted for 40 days. We believe that our ministry is likewise dependent on prayer.

Through prayer, we partner with the heart of God and gain a deeper understanding of His love for the world. Through prayer, we are able to participate in the work of reconciling all things back to Him. 

We invite you to make prayer for creation care and for EEN parts of your regular prayer life.


You can make praying for creation care and for EEN a part of your daily prayer life. Please look to the resources listed below for more information about how you can pray.

 Commit To Pray Now




• A cleaner, brighter future for our children, that they might grow up in a world free from harmful pollutants in the air they breathe and the water they drink
• The Church, that we would be good stewards of the creation that God has entrusted us with. Also, that the Church would be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who are most vulnerable to the effects of air and water pollution
• Our nation's leaders, that they would value the sanctity of all lives and make protecting our children and the unborn from harmful pollution a priority in their agenda
• Our public lands, that they would remain protected and cared for as reminders of God's goodness


World Day of Prayer for God's Creation