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Significant Commitment Made to Reduce Methane from Existing Sources 

Statement by Rev. Mitch Hescox:

"Today in a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Obama announced that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will begin to develop regulations for methane pollution from existing oil and gas resources. A White House statement said that the EPA 'will move as expeditiously as possible to complete this task.'

Nearly 92,000 pro-life Christians from 21 states have called for elected officials to reduce methane pollution from existing sources. As such, we applaud this positive leadership from President Obama and the EPA.

As pro-life Christians, we have a special concern for the unborn. We want children to be born healthy and unhindered by the ravages of pollution even before they take their first breath. Studies have shown that smog, VOCs, and air toxics have a disproportionate impact upon life in the womb. Leaks in our natural gas infrastructure spew out smog precursors, as well as other toxic pollutants and cancer-causing agents like benzene.

We want the unborn and those yet to be born to have a world free of dangerous climate change. Yet today from or natural gas infrastructure large amounts of methane are being released, a climate pollutant 86 times stronger than carbon dioxide at trapping heat over a 20 year timeframe. And it is what we do over the next 20 years that will determine whether our struggle to overcome climate change will be won or lost. That is why reducing methane pollution is morally strategic." 

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