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Tell Trump EPA You Oppose Their Proposed Regulation That Will Make Water Dirtier

The Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), along with the Army Corps of Engineers, recently issued a rule rescinding the Clean Water Rule of 2015.  This is terrible news for our children.  As pro-life Christians, we stand firmly against actions by the President and his Administration that will make our water sources dirtier, as this will do.  The 30-day comment period for this proposed Trump rule that will make our water dirtier begins today, and we urge everyone to submit a comment opposing this rule. Click here and submit a comment in defense of clean water.

There are two things this rule does.  

First, it holds in place our current regulatory situation, which is a mess of confusion.  The result?  Nearly half of the major polluters are beyond the reach of the EPA.  Good for these polluters.  Bad for our kids.  That’s because these polluters will continue to hide some of their costs – the pollution – in the bodies of our children.  Irresponsible and unjust.

Second, it seeks to have a crucial clause in the Clean Water Act interpreted in such a way that many fewer bodies of water will now fall under the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act and the EPA’s authority.  This means dirtier water for many Americans, because far fewer bodies of water will be protected.

The most basic function of government is to protect its citizens.  This new EPA rule fails that test.  It should be opposed by all pro-life Christians.

We need a Clean Water Rule like the one issued in 2015, or clarifying legislation that achieves the same or greater results.  This would allow us once again to attain the level of water purity achieved during the Reagan years, and then to build upon such success for even greater water purity and a righteous water supply. 

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  • Michael Mercier
    commented 2017-08-17 11:57:25 -0400
    I strongly oppose the rescinding of the Clean Water Rule of 2015. Rescinding the critical protection will endanger the safety and well being of all Americans. Please keep this protection in place.