The Caring for Creation Pledge

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Today we humans are changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere. We are fiddling with the planet's natural thermostat-- poking at the climate system with a long, sharp, carbon-tipped stick, and then acting surprised every time the weather bites back. And the weather is biting back with increasing frequency and ferocity. We are the volcano, conducting an experiment that's never been done before-- on a planetary scale, on the only home we have: God's home. 

As part of reading Caring for Creation, I want to personally invite you to sign The Caring for Creation Pledge, let's walk together as disciples of Christ faithfully following God's call to be good stewards of his creation, and taking prudent action to help the church, our fellow conservatives, and all of God's children take up the responsibility to be good stewards of creation. 

The Caring for Creation Pledge 

1. I Pledge to Keep an Open Mind- and Speak Up: Join the Evangelical Environmental Network as we weigh on policies that protect human life, tackle climate change, and encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, and responsible stewardship in the realm of business and at the city, state, and federal level.

2.  I Pledge to Sign the Joseph Pledge: Learn how to take day to day actions that incorporate Christian teaching and living within the realm of stewardship for yourself, your family, and your church. 

3. I Pledge to Support a Price on Carbon: Individual and corporate actions are important and at EEN we do our part to encourage both individual stewardship, and the ingenuity of the individual to create positive change, but public policies need to support these behaviors. That's why we favor a price on carbon. 

4. I Pledge to Acknowledge That This Isn't a 'Liberal Issue:' We can have a healthy respect for science while embracing our faith- and protecting the sanctity of human life on our earthly home. Climate science shouldn't be hijacked by political activist. Organizations advocating a conservative, commonsense approach to creation care and clean energy are already springing up, offering pragmatic solutions that don't grow government but rather stimulate the marketplace to invent the new tools and technologies we're going to need to adapt and thrive. 

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    The Spread of Mesothelioma Memes
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    komal sarma
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    Nicole Larson
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    I will do my best to take care of my Garden and the Environment. Everyone on Earth Should take care of the Environment.
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    Sign the petition: The Caring for Creation Pledge
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    I am so thankful I found your group. So much of the time I feel other Christians (at least in my neck of the woods) just don’t care about the environment.
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    Chrystal Smallwood
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    Thanks for doing this!
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    I Pledge to Keep an Open Mind and Speak Up against behaviors and actions that will harm the environment
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    I’m involved with two churches working to embrace the Alverna Covenant and to become Green Chalice congregations. We need churches to provide teaching and encouragement because global warming is an end-times issue.
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    God reveals His presence through His magnificent works. We must do all we can to protect, preserve and restore His wonderful creation for generations to come.
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    We should all take our duty and honour as stewards as important tasks given to us by the Lord.
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    I would not like to sign your pledge but I would like to say this: Carbon taxes are unbiblical and do the complete opposite of the initial goal that Christians have when getting involved in environmentalism. The initial goal of Christians getting involved in environmentalism should be to glorify God and provide a healthy and decent atmosphere for your neighbor. Carbon taxes crush your neighbor. If you truly believe in climate change, there are other routes we can take for that; you do not have to tax the little guy to death. Christians must care for the environment, but when we go too far to where all of their enviromentalism crushes humans and puts them second to the creation, it is no loger a godly ambition.
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    Rhonda Stewart
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