The Caring for Creation Pledge

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Today we humans are changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere. We are fiddling with the planet's natural thermostat-- poking at the climate system with a long, sharp, carbon-tipped stick, and then acting surprised every time the weather bites back. And the weather is biting back with increasing frequency and ferocity. We are the volcano, conducting an experiment that's never been done before-- on a planetary scale, on the only home we have: God's home. 

As part of reading Caring for Creation, I want to personally invite you to sign The Caring for Creation Pledge, let's walk together as disciples of Christ faithfully following God's call to be good stewards of his creation, and taking prudent action to help the church, our fellow conservatives, and all of God's children take up the responsibility to be good stewards of creation. 

The Caring for Creation Pledge 

1. I Pledge to Keep an Open Mind- and Speak Up: Join the Evangelical Environmental Network as we weigh on policies that protect human life, tackle climate change, and encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, and responsible stewardship in the realm of business and at the city, state, and federal level.

2.  I Pledge to Sign the Joseph Pledge: Learn how to take day to day actions that incorporate Christian teaching and living within the realm of stewardship for yourself, your family, and your church. 

3. I Pledge to Support a Price on Carbon: Individual and corporate actions are important and at EEN we do our part to encourage both individual stewardship, and the ingenuity of the individual to create positive change, but public policies need to support these behaviors. That's why we favor a price on carbon. 

4. I Pledge to Acknowledge That This Isn't a 'Liberal Issue:' We can have a healthy respect for science while embracing our faith- and protecting the sanctity of human life on our earthly home. Climate science shouldn't be hijacked by political activist. Organizations advocating a conservative, commonsense approach to creation care and clean energy are already springing up, offering pragmatic solutions that don't grow government but rather stimulate the marketplace to invent the new tools and technologies we're going to need to adapt and thrive. 

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    Clare A Hescox
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    Are you all ready to give up your airconditioners and cars?? Please do not buy into this BS! You can be a servant of Christ and believe that climate change is a money making hoax!! Carbon tax punishes the poor and needy the most. Evil has infiltrated the churches…. I.e. Clinton/kaine. Trump 2016.
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    Every follower of Jesus should make choices that are best for the environment and its inhabitants. Thank you for your guidance.
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    Yolanda Beaudoin
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    Sign the petition: The Caring for Creation Pledge
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    Movies are the most effective way to inspire peoples christ consciousness. Ian Merrick – Produce /Director. Work with me to get the message out with “The garden of Angels” the movie that will help save our beautiful planet and us.
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    Sign the petition: The Caring for Creation Pledge
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    Sign the petition: The Caring for Creation Pledge
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    bruce w hultgren
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    Thank you for your consistent work and faithful ministry!
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    It is very important that America reduces the effects of Climate Change by reducing Global Warming and CO2 emissions and Conserves Water. This is all accomplished by Increasing Energy Efficiency. At the fossil fuel power plants and large industry the technology of Carbon Capture Utilization and Condensing Flue Gas Heat Recovery will help meet these requirements. Instead of venting hot exhaust into the atmosphere the heat energy can be recovered and utilized. With the heat energy removed Water is created, and not a little bit of water, but enough water to make a power plant self sufficient. Carbon Capture utilization uses an agriculturally grown plant to produce an amine that will absorb over 90% of the CO2 and transform into useful – saleable products. Many jobs will be created in many sectors.

    Have A Fantastic Day!
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    I want to join and be in partnership with all members and sponsors
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    I love Jesus and planet earth :)
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    Sign the petition: The Caring for Creation Pledge
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    Sign the petition: The Caring for Creation Pledge
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