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The Power of Prayer, China and United States Take Action on Climate

Statement by Rev. Mitch Hescox on United States/China Ratification of the Paris Climate Accord: 

It’s extremely difficult for nations to align and agree to solve a common problem, the same is unfortunately so true for the Christian Church worldwide. Yet this week two powerful history-making events happened.  Thanks to the long-time ministry of Patriarch Bartholomew and last year’s announcement by Pope Francis supported by the efforts of evangelicals and other protestant Christian leaders, the Christian world came together to pray for our role as creation stewards.  September 1 was set aside for the World’s Day of Prayer For God’s Creation.

From front yards in Springfield, MO to St. Peter’s Square in Rome, Christians worldwide united to pray for climate solutions that will alter this modern human-caused plague and transform the greatest moral challenge of our time into the greatest opportunity for hope for a clean energy future. However, few expected such quick and meaning action.

As Christians, we know that grace is amazing but for The United States and China to jointly ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change just two days after the World’s Day of Prayer for God’s Creation is more than coincidence, it’s amazing. With the largest carbon polluter (China) and the largest per capita carbon emitter (US) now in accord – the likelihood of Paris agreement going into force before 2016 ends looks promising. Our thanks go out to Presidents Obama and Xi Jinping for this historic announcement and the grace behind it.

Prayer works and as the Hebrew Scriptures testify – all leaders whether faith-filled or not may be used for God’s glory. With God’s blessings, the Paris Accord continues the process for building a clean and healthy energy future for all God’s children.

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