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Trump Administration Continues to Gut Carbon Pollution Regulations

A Statement from Rev. Mitch Hescox

The Trump Administration continues its push to gut regulations designed to reduce carbon pollution, including the Clean Power Plan that required states to achieve emission reductions from their existing power plants.  The Trump Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has now made public a timeline, including having a final replacement rule released in October 2018.

The Clean Power Plan was the centerpiece of the Obama Administration’s efforts to address climate change, and the Trump Administration is doing everything it can to destroy those efforts.

Yesterday, in a news conference touting regulatory rollbacks, including the Clean Power Plan, President Trump stated that his Administration has “ended the war on coal.  We have clean coal — beautiful clean coal, another source of energy.”

In its own press release, the Trump EPA touted that it has taken 54 deregulatory actions in 2017 as part of its fulfillment of President Trump’s mindless Executive Order requiring two regulations to be eliminated for every one proposed.  EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said these gutting of regulations would provide “regulatory certainty” — meaning that business, industry, and utilities would know what is required of them so that they can make decisions accordingly, especially long-term decisions like what type of power plant to build.

But this is the exact opposite of what the roll-back of the Clean Power Plan and other needed regulations will bring.  What we now have, thanks to the Trump Administration, is not regulatory certainty, but rather regulatory chaos and uncertainty.  That’s because all of this will end up in court.  And when a new environmentally-friendly administration takes power it will get us back on the right path and reverse the Trump Administration’s reversals.  

Certainty?  Hardly!

In reality, what this new EPA climate regulation process means is that some old coal-burning power plants will continue to operate longer than they would have, spewing out air pollution that harms the unborn and children.  This is clearly not in the public interest, but rather benefits special interests.  It is our children that pay the price.

We will continue to fight against the Trump Administration’s war on climate action and God’s creation.  Their efforts will ultimately fail, but not before they have done great harm to our children.


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