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Administration Repeals Crucial Water Protections

Today, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler and Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works R.D. James announced the repeal of the 2015 Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. This rule extends protections to streams and wetlands under the Clean Water Act, and was not even as strict as the provisions enacted under the Reagan Administration. Even so, WOTUS is still crucial for keeping our nation’s waterways free of pollution. The repeal of this rule is terrible news for our children. As pro-life Christians, we stand firmly against any actions that make our water sources dirtier. 

Time and again Mr. Wheeler has made his priorities clear, and they do not include defending children from harmful pollution. Instead, he is intent on protecting polluters and their ability to hide the costs of pollution in the bodies of our children. The repeal issued today is irresponsible and unjust. 

The very mission of the EPA is to “protect human health and the environment.” One cannot protect human health or God’s creation without ensuring that waterways are free of harmful pollution, and that is why we have laws such as the Clean Water Act. This repeal should be opposed by all pro-life Christians. 

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